What to Wear for Senior Girls

What to wear

I always recommend at least one casual and one dressy outfit for your session! When you start off with this goal in mind, picking out your outfits tremendously easier. For your casual outfit, think about wearing jeans or shorts with a cute top! You could wear your favorite pair of jeans/shorts, some jeans that have a design embroidered on them, jeans that have patches, ripped jeans, or jeans that have two different washes on them! Then you can pair your jeans or shorts with a babydoll tank top, a cute blouse, a peplum top, or really any top that you want! You can even bring a cute jean jacket, cardigan, or anything else to put over your top to spice up the outfit a little bit and add another layer! For your dressy outfit, think about wearing a dress, skirt, or romper. Dresses are always a super easy option because you don’t have to worry about finding a shirt to go with it! Flowy dresses are always a perfect option!

Always have at least one or two Casual Looks

Jeans and a light colored blouse with white tennis shoes. A flowy sundress and a light denim jacket with nice sandals or a simple wedge. Earthy and neutral tones are PERFECT for photos because they don’t take away from you or the background. Stick to your style and what you love will ensure that you feel comfortable, that you love your photos, and that your photos will represent exactly who you are!

one formal look

One formal look always makes any session look fabulous for a girl. Here are some ideas: a structured dress with a simple neckline, heels/dress shoes, or a black pair of pants with a slim fit colored crew neck sweater, heels/dress shoes, Dark denim jeans with a slim fit colored tee and a black blazer, heels/dress shoes, or romper and a wedge heel.

Earthy Tones

Earthy and neutral tones are PERFECT for photos because they don’t take away from you or the background. Wearing super bright neon colors is extremely distracting and honestly it takes away from the overall photo. Do you want the attention to be on you or your outfit? For the focus to truly be on you, earthy/neutral tones are great. When I say earthy and neutral tones I’m not saying you can only wear whites, grays, and blacks! There are earthy variations of every single

The Personality Look

Whatever activity you were involved in our out side of high school is a must. It makes your session unique from the people in your school. Here are a few suggestions: A sports outfit like a basketball uniform or dance costume, complete with ball and dance shoes, A musical instrument or hobby related items like paints or a book or if you are super into fashion, perhaps you want to pick a trendier look for your final outfit to really show your style of the time.

Looking Ahead

Where are you going to college? Everyone will want to know and the best place to put that is on a graduation announcement or a personalized thank you card. These pictures are small but a great addition to your collection. You can use t-shirts, flags, signs, and school colors to show off your future college.

cap and gown pictures

It is time to show that graduation look! Your cap and gown will complete any graduation book. A white dress always looks good under a graduation gown. Other ideas are a college shirt, cheer uniform, or jersey. Taking your pictures in the fall? Don't worry we can always follow up and add these pictures in the spring.