What Should SEnior Guys Wear?

What should they wear; How to plan for their senior pictures

What to keep in mind.

Senior portraits are a must for any soon-to-be high school graduate. They can be used for graduation invitations, presents to friends and family and of course they can be used to post on social media. When it comes to boys, their outfits may be a little different than girls. So here are a few ideas on planning the session, and my thoughts on what boys should wear for senior portraits.

Let Mom and Dad Pick out one outfit.

Mom and Dad will always want one timeless picture to put on an invitation and on a wall. If you let them get a few pictures in the shirt or outfit of their, they are more willing to let choose your style for the rest of the pictures. If everyone gets a voice in the pictures everyone walks away happy. Let's face it, with senior guys, pictures are mainly for the moms. Truth.

Make sure you pick out casual outfit and shoes to match it.

Make sure you bring one causal outfit that makes you comfortable. I don't mean bring your oldest and most faded black shirt, I mean a shirt, T-shirt, pants, jeans, or shorts that reflect your more casual side (but not wrinkled and clean). Pick a fitting pair of shoes to go with this outfit, even if the shoes flop flops. Casual clothes makes us happy and want to be happy during your photoshoot.

tie in your extra curricular activities.

This is something you have spent most of your time doing the past four years. You definitely want to include these memories. We will include them in a more causal unique way, but they definitely need to be included. Bring the uniform, equipment, letterman jacket, etc. If you are in FFA let me know, we can include your animal, too! We will just need to plan ahead.

Bring along one "dressy" outfit as well.

It is always good to have a variety of outfits, even for boys. A couple of nice pictures in a suit or jacket can easily complete a collection for a boy. Guys look good in casual clothes and also dressy clothes. It is easy for guys to change on location and it makes for nice senior picture portfolio, and what mom doesn't like to her boy looking "handsome."

Bring along some accessories, vehicle or their favorite pet

For guys this can mean sunglasses, jackets, and hats. We can always dress up casual outfit more with some sunglasses or a nice leather jacket. Sometimes for boys, their accessory is their car, truck, or their dog. You know what is special to them and what they will have fun with in their pictures.